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Produced by creative director and photographer, Tricia Messeroux…TODDLEWOOD has become a household name.  What started off as a fun, creative project turned into an inspirational and empowering visual narrative of positive influence and role models.  Welcome To Toddlewood.

Toddlewood Coffeetable Books designed to inspire, educate and motivate young minds about historical figures who shaped America.

Tricia Messeroux had the creative vision to include children in her work in order to visually showcase the narrative.




A book created to empower women everywhere and the next generation of girls. The book features creative photographs of young girls transformed into iconic female trailblazers who shaped American history…from Kamala Harris, to Misty Copeland and Vera Wang and more. Celebrating females who blazed trails for the next generations with their groundbreaking work and achievements in a cross section of industries including the STEAM, business/entrepreneurship, education, film, music and more. Creative Director and celebrity photographer, Tricia Messeroux, and her team have done it again. But this time the have recreated history of iconic female pioneers, leaders and trailblazers with little girls. 

This book consists of 30 photographed images by Tricia Messeroux and a short bio on each of the superwomen. Full color, 90+ pages, hard cover. Get your Toddlewood TrailblazHER coffee table book. Read what makes these women TrailblazHERs. Get Tricia’s latest coffee table book for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. 



My name is Tricia Measeroux and Welcome To Toddlewood.  I am the Creative Director and Photographer.  I created Toddlewood over 10 years ago simply as a means to have a creative project that included my then 3-year-old daughter.  What started off as a simple idea turn into a creative and inspirational, international project.  

My new Coffee Table BookS of photography and literature celebrating the legacy of Social Justice Activists and my second book about female trailblazers are available for purchase. 

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