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Produced by creative director and photographer, Tricia Messeroux…TODDLEWOOD has become a household name.  What started off as a fun, creative project turned into an inspirational and empowering visual narrative of positive influence and role models.  For over a decade, Tricia Messeroux has been recreating red carpet royalty and influential icons with children. Tricia and her team of wardrobe designers, make-up artists, hair stylists and set designers have transformed these kids to look like the adult version stars and produce breathtaking photographs that are seen and celebrated around the world.
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Toddlewood Coffeetable Books designed to inspire, educate and motivate young minds about historical figures who shaped America. Tricia Messeroux had the creative vision to include children in her work in order to visually showcase the narrative.


The first Toddlewood movie is in production. Over 20 actors, and amazing crew, wonderful sponsors and an amazing story!

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