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Produced by creative director and photographer, Tricia Messeroux…TODDLEWOOD has become a household name.  What started off as a fun, creative project turned into an inspirational and empowering visual narrative of positive influence and role models.  Welcome To Toddlewood.

Engineers of Equality

For over 10 years, Toddlewood, created by Tricia Messeroux, has become everyone’s favorite kids’ creative brand, known for its iconic recreations during awards season (Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammys Awards).

In 2020, Tricia created Toddlewood’s Engineers of Equality Project.  This pivot was in response to the untimely death of George Floyd by the hands of police brutality.  Tricia felt the responsibility to educate through art and inclusion by way of Toddlewood, her globally-celebrated photography brand.

After putting out a casting call announcing her intensions, she received over 3000 submissions of kids whose parents wanted their children to be part of this worthy project.  Over 30 children were meticulously chosen as the Toddlewood doppelgängers of civil rights leaders like: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the late John Lewis, Angela Davis, Nina Simone, Ava Duvernay, Kendrick Lamar, Nelson Mandela and more.

Toddlewood TrailblazHER


TODDLEWOOD TRAILBLAZHERS, is a refreshing and entertaining reality-themed behind-the-scenes to reveal look at the transformation of young girls into iconic female trailblazers who shaped American history. From Kamala Harris, to Misty Copeland and Vera Wang and more, the show celebrates female groundbreakers.  Following creator Tricia Messeroux and her team of amazing hair stylists, makeup artists, costume designers through casting to the big unveiling, each episode features a big reveal moment with a living TrailBlazer and a word of inspiration to her younger self.

What’s next for Toddlewood?  Stemming for the election of Vice President, Kamala Harris, Tricia has announced a casting call for your girls to be considered for Toddlewood “TrailblazHER”. Toddlewood TrailblazHER is a photographic series of prominent and successful women of all races, age and industry who have either been the first or their hard work has brought them to immeasurable heights.  These women are proving to young, impressionable girls everywhere that they are limitless.  


My name is Tricia Measeroux and Welcome To Toddlewood.  I am the Creative Director and Photographer.  I created Toddlewood over 10 years ago simply as a means to have a creative project that included my then 3-year-old daughter.  What started off as a simple idea turn into a creative and inspirational, international project.  

My new Coffee Table Book of photography and literature celebrating the legacy of Social Justice Activists is available for purchase. Created and shot by yours truly and I meticulously chose 30 amazing kids age 5 – 13 to replicate the images of civil rights heroes. Get your personally signed book today!

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