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ToddleWood®, the brainchild of this New York photographer, Tricia Messeroux, transforms everyday kids into superstar celebrities, iconic figures and historic legends…all captured in breathtaking photographs.  Tricia has had an extensive and successful career in advertising at the top, global ad firms before she became a creative entrepreneur.  Her creativity and energy is the fire that has brought her to become as successful at her businesses as she is with her relationships with partners, kids, families, the media and more.

Tricia and her team of skilled creative professionals have been the back bone of Toddlewood through the years.  Her family, husband of 20 years, daughters, Skylar (16) and Sunday (10) has been her inspiration and biggest supporters.  And her spiritual is, according to her, the only reason why she wakes up in the morning and keeps on going.  Tricia is a mom, wife, member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Member of Jack & Jill, award winner and so much more.  Tricia self-published her very first book, ToddleWood Engineers of Equality in February 2021 successfully.  

She loves kids as she is a kid at heart and so Toddlewood is a no brainier for someone like her.  


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