Toddlewood: The Movie

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Executive Producer


ABOUT Tricia (TMezz)

Toddlewood®, a captivating project founded by Tricia Messeroux, a New York photographer turned film director, transformed ordinary children into extraordinary celebrity icons and historical figures. Through breathtaking photographs, Toddlewood captures the essence of these stars. Tricia’s background in advertising, working with renowned brands such as Oreo, Nabisco, General Mills, and Cheerios, paved the way for her success as a creative entrepreneur. She has worked in prestigious ad agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi and Foote Cone & Belding. Despite achieving great heights as one of the youngest Black, Female, Senior Vice Presidents in the world, Tricia felt creatively stifled. She yearned to create on her own terms and utilize her innate talent to entertain, influence, and inspire.

In 2009, Tricia brought her vision to life by launching Toddlewood as a fun photography project. Her three-year-old daughter, who bore a striking resemblance to Diana Ross, became her muse. What began as a simple idea quickly evolved into a global media phenomenon. Tricia and her Toddlewood team have been featured on top-tier shows like The View, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, Tamron Hall, and Access Hollywood.
Tricia’s creativity and energy have paved the way for her success in both her business ventures and her relationships with partners, children, families, and the media. Throughout the years, Tricia and her team of skilled creative professionals have been the backbone of Toddlewood.

In 2016, Tricia wrote an eight-part TV series titled “Are You Ready For Toddlewood.” However, the series remained on the shelf for seven years. In 2022, Tricia transformed the series into a feature-length film and self-funded its production. More than 2,000 kids and adults auditioned for roles in this movie, which was completed in 2023. Welcome to “Toddlewood: The Agency.” This movie is not an imitation of the original Toddlewood photography concept. It is quite different but with the same sort of energy. This movie consisted of over 40 on-camera talent, over 7 locations, a performance by an up and coming Christian rapper, an Alvin Ailey principle dancer, an amazing kid singer/pianist and more. her small production team of 5 camera, audio, grip, DP and her 2 producers and 4 executive producers made this come to life.


In the world of entertainment, Toddlewood: The Agency stands as a prestigious and highly sought-after talent agency based in New York City. With a reputation for transforming aspiring talents into mega-stars, Toddlewood is the ultimate dream for anyone aiming to achieve stardom.

Yet, behind the agency's success lies a secret—their agents are not only intelligent and professional but also remarkably young. Only the clients are aware of this hidden truth, until a disgruntled agent from a rival agency uncovers it. Driven by a desire to expose Toddlewood and bring them down, he sets out on a mission to reveal their secret staffing details to the world. As the agency's reputation hangs in the balance, the stage is set for a thrilling battle of wit, secrets, and ultimate victory. Join Toddlewood: The Agency on a riveting journey filled with laughter, intrigue, and triumph as they fight to protect their standing and continue their reign as the number one talent agency in the world.


Tricia Messeroux: Exec. Producer/Director

Shawn Curwen: Exec. Producer

Sandy Brereton: Exec. Producer

Gessie Thompson: Exec. Producer

Juldette Montima: Exec. Producer

Emon Gaines: Senior Producer

Thadia Joyce Louis: Co-Producer

Sr. Production Assistant: Alexis Rusch McGregor


Reggie Exilus:
Director of Photography and Boom Operator

Trevor Felder:
Assistant Director of Photography and Grip

Mico Williams
Assistant Director of Photography
Camera Operator and Grip

Keroy Perry:
Camera Operator and Grip

Brigid Turner:
Sound Mixer, Boom Operator and Assistant Director

Derron Campbell:
DP and Camera Operator


Actor: Sunday Bella Curwen

Actor: Brandon Faison

Actor: Zoe Rux

Actor: Gigi Jones

Actor: Robert Levey II

Actor: Isabella Lowell

Actor: Savannah Shaw

Actor: Carlos iatalladi

Actor: Skylar A. Curwen

Actor: Elise Mitchell

Actor: Sebastian C. Singh

Actor: David Powell Jr.

Actor: Jaidyn Moodie

Actor: Ayanna Neptune

Actor: Morgan Butler

Actor: Grace Butler

Actor: Taylor Fernandez

Actor: Alexia Brogdon

Actor: Hunter Brogdon



Actor: Chad T. Witsell

Actor: Shawn Curwen

Actor: Alexis Rusch McGregor

Actor: Nicolas Rosello Jr.

Actor & Performer: Uni G

Actor: Dana Boylan

Actor: Prince Stephen T Emeli Sr.

Performer: Khalia Campbell

Actor: Thadia Joyce Louis Brogdon

Actor: Patrice Reives-Bright

Actor: Kaimeesa Adjei-Gyamfi

Actor: Gerard Brogdon

Actor: Tamika Manifold

Actor: Shawn Rux

Actor: Kim Luckey-Witsell

Actor: Marie Brogdon

Singer: Gloria Essence

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