Tricia Messeroux’s new ebook and hard cover book is on its way, just in time for the holidays…November 2021.  

The book features creative photographic images of young girls transformed into iconic female trailblazers who shaped American history…from Kamala Harris, to Misty Copeland and Vera Wang and more. It celebrates females who blazed the next generations with their groundbreaking work and achievements in a cross section of industries including the STEAM, business/entrepreneurship, education, film, music and more.

Tricia and her talented team of women meticulously selected each little girl for the role of a TrailblazHER, designed sets, wardrobe, hair, make up… The process is a time consuming and difficult one but through passion, love, creativity and patience, they were able to produce amazing work. The book features mostly new images produced in 2021 as well as some iconic images Tricia previously shot. 


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Under the production company, The TMezz Creative Group, Toddlewood TrailblazHER has video web series which will be launching March 2022 during Women’s History Month!  The TMezz Creative Group has been following the process of the TrailblazHER project.  This series will include behind-the-scenes moments and processes as well as documentary-style videos showcasing  important moments in that person’s life.  
Executive Producer:  Tricia Messeroux
Co-Executive Producer:  Gessie Thompson
Co-Executive Producer:  Shawn Curwen
Production:  The TMezz Creative Group

Tricia Messeroux
Sandy Brereton
Skylar Curwen
Marilynn Elie
Alexis Rusch
…and a list of amazing young girls