Young Ladies!
This is Tricia, creator of Toddlewood!  I am excited to start the next chapter of Toddlewood’s Engineers program!  This one is called “Toddlewood TrailblazHER!  Wow!  As you can see from the video…we have a series of incredible women we would like to recreate in time for Women’s History Month!  Please Note that these images are NOT the final list.  They are just thought starters.  
We have a whole team ready for hair, makeup, wardrobe, set design and graphic design.  This one is going to be oh so fabulous and inspiring.  Each look will be creatively directed with a different twist…so expect something different with this one.  
We have recently partnered with some amazing people so please know that if your child is chosen, she will be film professionally by our production company partners.  This is very exciting.  

Please fill out the form below.
What’s new?…to make each image magnificent, there requires a submission fee.  If you are serious about being considered and willing to adhere to the professional video component along with other potential fun pieces, then we’re looking forward to seeing your daughter.  Additional perks to to casting call…

  • You will also be placed on the Toddlewood Wall Of Fame (EVERYONE who sent a submission).  This page will have your casting information, photo(s) etc…  This way you have another avenue to help promote yourself.  
  • Finally, we will be at random posting your photos on the Toddlewood Instagram STORIES and encouraging potential scouts and brands to contact you!

    Looking forward to working with you.  And please tell your friends to follow Toddlewood on IG and the new soon-to-be YouTube channel for the TrailblazHER series!  AMAZING!

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