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Toddlewood is a land where "Red Carpet Dreams Come True"

"Journey To Toddlewood"

An inspirational book series empowering kids to take an ordinary dream and make it an extraordinary reality. To dream big, overcome obstacles and become go-getters at any age.

Toddlewood...Where Red Carpet Dream Come True

Get on the bus...The Toddlewood Dream Bus. Meet 8 young, talented kids with dreams of taking their skills to the next level. They've practiced, trained and worked very hard to fine tune their talent in hopes of earning a ticket to get on The Toddlewood Dream Bus heading for Toddlewood...a place where Red Carpet Dreams Come True! But before each of these talented future stars can board the bus, they will have one challenge to meet which is met with a personal obstacle that they need to work through.

Each book is designed to teach a real life situation that photographer/author, Tricia Messeroux, has learned from all her years of working with child actors, singers, dancers, authors, designers...kids who are trying to live their dream as kids. There are ups and downs, disappointments and achievements, struggles, doubts, success, accomplishments, wins and so much more.

The key is...how can you learn from these obstacles, overcome them successfully and proceed to the next level. Welcome To Toddlewood!

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Buy "Journey To Toddlewood Dancing For The Win"

Dancing For The Win

Buy "Journey To Toddlewood, Leaving On A High Note"

Leaving On A High Note

About Toddlewood

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