An Apple A Day Keeps The Dentist Away

Well, that’s not exactly true.  But Skylar has been in the dentist office more times than any person should.  So for her to end up potentially become Dr. Skylar, DDS makes sense.  Oh and at the prime age of 13, she’s on her way.  

Back story…as a toddler who was getting ready for new teeth, Skylar’s lazy gums decided to grow in her new teeth while the old ones were still there.  They weren’t even loose.  So Skylar had to make multiple visits to Dr. Nikki Bell, DDS in order to extract her stubborn baby teeth.  Let’s be very clear, I like to think I have tough skin, but when it comes to needles I am as good as a grown women in the fetus position in the corner of the room with her thumb in her mouth.  Get the picture?  But there I was with my then 7 year old watching needles numb her mouth and then to hear the popping sound of the teeth being pulled.  I really wish there was laughing gas…for ME!  

I’m just glad those days are over and she’s got a nice healthy mouth full of teeth.  Oh, right, she may need braces!  Are you kidding me?  And why is Skylar so excited about getting braces when she found out at age 10?  OOOh, she wanted metal braces with colorful bands, the whole thing.  Uh, little girl…did we just meet?  That look is never happening.

One day this summer Skylar decided to go bike riding with one of her friends to another friend’s house.  Sure baby, have fun.  I, myself, left to go shopping for a photo shoot.  But then, my cell phone rang.  It was Skylar  
Me:  “You did WHAT?”  
Skylar:  “Mommy, I fell off my bike and broke my tooth.”
Me:  “Well how does it look.  OMG, does it look crazy?  Are you sure it’s broken off or you think it’s broken?….oh by the way, are you ok? (yike, I lost myself for a second) Sorry”
Skylar:  “I’m fine, I didn’t even hurt my lip, I just broke my tooth.”
Me:  “Send me a picture.”

Damage control mode kicked in. It was  7:00pm and I called one of my girlfriends who happens to be the sister of my dentist.  “Tricia, are you serious? Call  Sofia right away, there’s someone still at the office.”  Dr. Sofia Fokas, DDS moved things around and meticulously fixed her tooth the very next morning.  Beautiful.  Oh and she reminded me that Skylar needed braces.  I know!  I know! 

After this I had a heart to heart with my girl.  “Listen Skylar, you’ve been telling me you’re interested in science and medicine.  By any chance, and by the grace of God, is there any cell in your body remotely interested in dentistry?”  

And wouldn’t you know it, she enthusiastically said YES!  

Now what do I do with this new piece of information?  Let’s start with her first interaction with a dentist…my good friend, Dr. Nikki Bell, DDS!  After a brief conversation with Nik Nak (my nickname for her) she didn’t even hesitate to welcome Skylar in as probably her youngest intern.  As Dionne Warwick would say.. “That’s what friends are for.”  This past summer, Skylar has been interning at Dr. Bell’s office on Long Island.  She had the great opportunity to interact with clients.  When I would pick her up from her internship, she had the best stories…”today, we did a crowning, today, we did cavity fillings, today we did teeth whitening, today we did an extraction…”  Wow!

As a mompreneur, I was excited to not only have Skylar get the hands-on experience on an area of medicine that interest her but to do it with an entrepreneur who by the way owns three offices.  Thank you Nik Nak!  Skylar just loves everything about Dr. Nikki.  Perhaps, Sky can take over one of your offices one day :). Just throwing that out there… 🙂

So here’s a little something fun for you.  Email us a picture of a child age 2 – 10 who you think has the best SMILE.  5 submissions will be randomly selected and reposted on the Toddlewood Social Media machines.  Each of the five will also receive a box of Crest White strips (to be used by adults please:).  Products provided by an anonymous sponsor.  Send submissions to and put in the subject “Smile for Skylar”. Submission process will close by this Friday, August 24. 


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