The First Chapter is Even Better…

I’m a part of this group of friends who put together a book club where we meet just about every other month.  I use the word “we” quite embarrassingly as I may have attended only three book club meetings and within those three I was only able to read half of one book.  So, I usually volunteer to be the official bartender and I pour wine all night long…all night long (in between sips of course). 

The book club actually produces very insightful conversations where I am able to contribute here and there.  Or maybe I’m just asking annoying questions which could have been answered had I read the book.  Oh well.  I really do wish my schedule would give me the chance to sit and enjoy a different world.  Ugh!  Welcome to Toddlewood.

As good friends would have it, I still get the invites! 

As many of you may know, I recently spent two weeks in Las Vegas for business and before that I was in Texas for another week on business.  My NEW mailing address should be 100 Samsonite Drive, Delta Airlines, USA.  I mean really!  I’ve been living out of a suitcase.  
While on the red-eye flight home from the west coast, I had nothing better to do but watch movies.  I did have a manuscript to finish reading, which is written by a friend who is a new author.   The fact that the entire airplane was dark, I was not about to be the annoyingly rude passenger with the only light on.  Those are the people who you give nasty look at baggage claim.  So my first movie selection was, well….“The Book Club” starring Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton, Murphy Brown (I mean Candace Bergen…omg aging myself) and Mary Steenburgen.  Reminded me of a “seasoned” Sex and the City cast. 

The movie was quite interesting.  I often find myself to be the Carey Bradshaw/Diane Keaton of the group (doesn’t everybody)…not in terms of their storyline but more about where they fit in the group.  These women had such views as it relates to love and relationships, which I’m sure women of almost any age can relate to one time or another.  Like most movies, this one had 4 happy endings…well um, you know what I mean…happily ever after!  Geez! 

While on these trips, I stay in touch with my assistants back in NY.  Hello Taya?  Let’s get ready to do a movie poster.  Which one you say?  “The Book Club”. Find me a Carey/Diane Keaton, Charlotte/Mary Steenburgen, Miranda/Candace Bergen and a watered-down Samantha/Jane Fonda.  Go!

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