Having been surrounded by toddlers ever since I had my first toddler, Skylar, my mind is constantly on what’s cute and darling in the fashion world.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love adult fashion, hence Toddlewood merges the two.  My style tends to evolve quite often as I like to think I am in touch with what’s “fabulous” and I have a growing 11 year old who happens to be almost exactly my size (although my love for wine makes the waistline look less like an 11 year old).  But that’s for another post.

Meet Skylar.  For most of you who have been eying Toddlewood from the inception, you’ll remember that Skylar was my muse and my inspiration.  She was only three years old at the time and the poor girl was always subjected to a camera in her face and taking direction from Photographer Mommy Dearest.  Well she didn’t have it that bad, she enjoyed herself…I think.  In addition to these images, she was also Tyra Banks, Jada Pinkett Smith and at least 4 others.  


Needless to say that when the Toddlewood name became a brand she didn’t grow up as most kids.  She had a very fast-paced, busy and creative life.  She was never in need of friends as she had the pleasure of meeting hundreds and hundreds of kids of all races, shapes and sizes and from almost all over the US.

Through casting calls, parties, photo shoots and not to mention the constant media exposure, Sky didn’t know what all this meant.  She was just having a great time with friends and fashion.  Fashion became a passion for her almost to the point of annoyance.  Her shopping demands, as polite as she always is, was and continues to be overwhelming.  


Fast forward to today.  Sky is still not the average kid.  She officially graduated out of Toddlewood at age 8 where most kids can stretch it to perhaps 9 or 10.  Technically, Sky should have ended her Toddlewood career by age 7 but nepotism has its privileges.  The thing is, even at birth she was in the 95th percentile in terms of her height.  She’s a tall girl.  

So my biggest dilemma for the Toddlewood graduate (she’s now 11 years old) is that she wants to dress like a full teenager.  Remember, she has friends of all ages, shapes and sizes so there are many influences.  Yesterday, Sky and I went shopping at this chain boutique called “Mystique.”  I happen to love this store for myself.  We often find really nice dresses, rompers and such for Sky as well.  Considering Sky and I wear the same size, we often make sure we buy clothes that we both will want to wear so we can share.  This is probably one of the only store we can do this.  I think I might look ridiculous in some of the Forever 21 looks.  I mean really.   Problem is, during our shopping trip, her “teenage wanna be” self kept showing me mid-drift shirts and overly air conditioned jeans.  No matter how many times I told her NO, she kept coming back with similar styles.  Clearly I need to make an appointment with her doctor because either her stomach is over-heating or her legs are running a high fever.  


What happened to my little Sky-Pie?  They grow up too darn fast.  Maybe I need to develop Teenwood?  Help!  As a creative person, I like to be free spirited and open to a lot of things to endorse expressing oneself.  But I also have to deal with Shawn and his “you know I was a teenage boy once” comments or “I know what these lads are thinking, it ain’t good.”  So the pressure is on.  Yes, we did come to a compromise where I and Mr. Fantastic can live with but raising girls is a…(fill in the blank.)    

Well at least I’ve got my little, Sunday, in the cute and adorable…for now.  



Tricia Messeroux


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