Last year, after award season ended, I was so eager to find something to keep Toddlewood fresh for a few more months.  I started Toddlewood in 2008 as a small project just for fun.  My hope was, of course, to see it as a mega brand and who knows where I wanted it to go back then.  So my biggest excitements were the Toddlewood gallery exhibits which I would host in New York City.  The very first event was a hug hit.  I had over 200 people attend.  Blew my mind!  When I came down from my dressing room into the loft space that I rented for the day, I was beside myself.  My team and I had the best time!

Fast forward 2012, I was approached by The Insider/Entertainment Tonight, after a successful feature on The Today Show.  They asked me if I would ever want to recreate red carpet looks.  This is something I’ve never thought of doing but long story short…GO!  We did.  Since then, year after year, my brand has been a media baby during award season, The Golden Globes, The Grammy Awards, The Oscars and I even started recreating movie posters.

Move ahead to 2013, what can I do to stretch out this baby.  How can I continue to surround myself with not only my team of fabulous and talented women but also continue to meet more amazingly cute kids.  Well look at that, Mother’s Day was right around the corner.  Let’s recreate some female influencers/role models who happen to be mothers!  Yes, that’s it!  My friends at The Today Show, specifically Hoda and Kathy Lee featured the work and I couldn’t be happier.

We shot most of these in one day at 2 different locations!  I think I live for the challenge and to drive my team crazy!

If you’ve got an idea and you’re really passionate about it, just do it.  Don’t talk about it…be about it.  It may sound simple but I know it’s not.  I also know it’s not impossible!

Love Love

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