Toddlewood: The Movie

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After sitting on the shelf for over 7 years, the Toddlewood movie is becoming a reality.  This is a comedic story featuring kids and adults.  This is not what one would think a typical Toddlewood-style movie.  Oh, it’s better.  With over 20 cast members, an amazing crew, the best executive producers and incredible supporters, this feature is going places.  

“Toddlewood: The Agency” is based in New York City and follows one of the largest, highly sought after, high profile talent agencies in the world.  Anyone who wants to achieve bigness in entertainment wants Toddlewood: The Agency to represent them.  They’ve made mega-stars out of every one of their clients.  so who wouldn’t want to be a client or work as an agent at Toddlewood?  

The world may know about this company and its untouchable reputation, but what they don’t know is  that the agency is run by kids.  yes, kids.   12-16 year olds to be exact.  These young agents are smart, brilliant, professional and they know how to close deals.  Interestingly, all their clients are…adults.  They tell their client adult actors, singers, dancers, comedians, painters and musicians where to go, who to meet and what to do.  These agents have been given a task by their CEO, Wednesday, to scout and present the next best talent at the big showcase where these talented, potential clients will perform for a coveted spot at the agency.

The only people who know the agency’s secret of who runs this multi-million dollar company located on the penthouse floor of a Chelsea, NY building are their clients.  This remains secure until a disgruntled agent from another agency happens to be at the wrong place and at the wrong time.  Once he discovers the staffing detail of “Toddlewood: The Agency’, he is on a mission to reveal them to the world and take them down by any means necessary.  Will he expose high-powered company?  How will win the showcase?  How will “Toddlewood:  The Agency” continue to be the number 1 talent agency in the world?

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The Burns Group, NYC

Ad Agency run by Mike Burns and James Wilday
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The Pantry Diner

Long Island Eatery run by
Tommy Mavroudis
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Tricia Messeroux: Exec. Producer/Director

Shawn Curwen: Exec. Producer

Sandy Brereton: Exec. Producer

Juldette Montima: Exec. Producer

Emon Gaines: Senior Producer

Thadia Joyce Louis: Co-Producer

Sr. Production Assistant: Alexis Rusch McGregor

Reggie Exilus: Director of Photography

Mico, Trevor, Omar: Video Crew

Brigid Turner, Campbell, Bekka: Video Crew Contributors


Actor: Sunday Bella Curwen

Actor: Brandon Faison

Actor: Zoe Lux

Actor: Gigi Jones

Actor: Robert Levey II

Actor: Isabella Lowell

Actor: Savannah Shaw

Actor: Carlos iatalladi

Actor: Skylar A. Curwen

Actor: Aiyana Neptune

Actor: Sebastian C. Singh

Actor: David Powell Jr.

Actor: Skylar A. Curwen




Actor: Chad T. Witsell

Actor: Kim Luckey-Witsell

Actor: Tamika Manifold

Actor: Patrice Reives-Bright

Actor: Thadia Joyce Louis

Actor: Stephen Emeli

Actor: Gerard Brogdon

Actor: Shawn Rux

Actor: Alexis Rusch McGregor

Actor: Shawn Curwen

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