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The year is 2017 and the first family only have a few days left before leaving the White House.  There are many reasons why I, the creator of Toddlewood, am excited to produce an iconic project called “Toddlewood, The Obama Years”.  But the one that stands above all is that I want the finished product to be an inspiration to ALL kids of all races to know that anything is possible.  We all encourage our kids to do their best, dream big, pray, believe etc…  The Obama family is one of many people who have proven the notion of dreaming big, working hard, and making it happen.


The Idea:
Effective immediately, I along with every one of my many Toddlewood team members through the years will be working together to recreate over THIRTY memorable and fashionable moments of President Barack Obama and his family.  



The Results:
The end result will be a compilation of amazingly creative photographs shot by yours truly in a never-been-done-before coffee  table photo book!  Up to 50 Pages of photography, content, thoughts, Future Leaders and more.




The Event:
You’re invited to witness the unveiling of Toddlewood’s “The Obama Years” portraits at a gallery event in New York City, NY.  This will also be a LIVE web cast for the world to see.



The Talent:Casting Call
Casting Call Alert!!!!  We are not looking for One Michelle and One Barack.  We are look for over 30 Michelles and Baracks, Malias and Sashas.  Each image should feature a different child replicated the first family.  This give many kids the opportunity to be in Toddlewood and the opportunity to be a part of this creative and meaningful project!



Yes, we are looking for sponsors!  Companies, Families or Individuals.  Please review the sponsorship section in the link.  Please contact 646-596-4227 or Studio@Toddlewood.com


Other Opportunities:
We want everyone to be a part of this book.  There will be a section of the book entitled “Leaders of Tomorrow”.  This section will be 8 pages of headshots of kids age 1 day – 13 years old.  This is an opportunity for your child to make it into the book!  There is a small fee.  We are accepting the first 500 kids only.  $25 fee and upload your photo.