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Toddlewood Studio offers quality service that exemplifies our excellence in the industry!

Traditional Fall & Spring Portraits.  Depending on number of students in the school will determine number of days for the shoot.  We service schools as small as 100 students and as large as 800 students.

After each photo shoot we require 3 weeks to process photos with accuracy.  We DO NOT delete any images for at least one year from the shoot date.

Group Photography, panoramic prints & traditional classroom groups

Senior Portraits include Shawl/Drape for Girls as well as Cap and Gown, Tuxedo and Cap and Gown for Boys.  Additional shoot – students may wear his or her own fashion, sports uniform, cheerleading outfit, shoot with instrument etc…

Event Photography of all kinds i.e. School Dances, Games, Proms

We keep the process easy and stress free for school administration.  We care about the kids and the end results.  We make sure the child looks just right before we move on to the next student.  This is done swiftly but properly and friendly.

We value our clients and work hard to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.  You will always be able to get in touch with us.  We respond swiftly with any additional requests or questions.


Please email:  Studio@Toddlewood.com for packages, bookings, meetings or questions.