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Meet the girls of the First Family Of Toddlewood...Tricia (Mom), Skylar (Age 12), Sunday (7).  The girls and I are excited to launch my first of 8 books from the "Journey To Toddlewood" series.  Each of these books are centered around a different kid character and his or her life goals.  These characters have talents that they have been working to strengthen and they are determined to do great things with their talents.  You see, everyone has a dream.  Some people may not know what their dream is until later on in life but kids seem to have a natural way of dreaming big.  "When I grow up I want to be a...."

What better way to support these big dreams in small bodies than to give them inspiration through animated characters that they may relate to.  The "Journey To Toddlewood" is just that...a journey or simply put, a tour bus that picks up our talented kid characters as they head to the magical world of Toddlewood.  What will happen when they get to Toddlewood you ask?  One day you'll find out!

Where I get my content from?  I've been surrounded by kids for years!  As a former advertising executive who worked primarily on kid brands (Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, Oreos, Cheerios, Chips Ahoy Cookies...) I've had the opportunity to research kid behaviors and what makes them tick.  Then as I moved on to become a photographer and build Toddlewood at the same time, Igot the opportunity to have many in depth conversation with the kids at my shoots and their moms.  Most of these kids are or desire to be in the entertainment industry.  Many of them have been able to kick off their career because of Toddlewood!  But through these conversations, I've learned a lot about what they go through...the ups and downs, the disappointments and achievements, the loss of friendships and making of new ones.  I've gathered a lot of information that has influenced each book in the series.

Journey To Toddlewood is an inspirational book series, empowering kids to take an ordinary dream and make it an extraordinary reality and not let anything prevent you from Making It Happen!