The British are coming! The British are coming!
January 2, 2018

My daughter, Sunday, turned 7 in December.  So the teacher offered me to come and read to the class.  Of course I did.  And I’m sure you can only imagine which book I chose to read.  How exciting.  I arrived to the classroom right on time and upon entering, the kids were all sitting on the carpet in the reading area.  Sunday was sitting in a mini rocking chair next to a big rocking chair which I assumed was for the guest reader…me.  How cute was this set up?  Sunday’s face was lit up like a Christmas tree.  She gave a shy, yet thrilled look on her face as I walked over to the reading area.

“Hi Sunday’s Mommy! Hi Sunday’s Mommy!  Welcome Sunday’s Mommy!”  OMG, so cute.  But ever since Skylar was born, I seemed to have lost my name in child birth.  My driver’s license went from Tricia Messeroux to Skylar’s Mommy and now Sunday’s Mommy.  The DMV must think I’m a fraud by now.  Ha!!  As I got over the reoccurring disrespect for my birth name, I decided to begin reading.  But I decided to hold off on reading the dedication page until the very end.

To my delight the kids were paying close attention to the story.  They even had random outbursts that helped drive home the message of the book like “she should have confidence in herself” or “she can do it” and “I think she’s going to make it to Toddlewood.”  And then I asked the big question “What is Toddlewood?”  And they all answered “Where Red Carpet Dreams Come True!”  Yay!!!

Finally the story has ended.  I went back and read the dedication, “To my daughters, Skylar and Sunday,  Your dreams really do matter.  Love, Mommy.”  As if Sunday needed anymore help feeling special, all the kids ran towards her in awe that her name was in a book.  I hope these kids won’t let it get to Sunday’s head.  Well, knowing kids, it’ll all be over the next day.  Then before I left, after receiving all these hugs one child left me with these parting words.  “Bye Sunday’s Mommy!”  Really kid?

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