The British are coming! The British are coming!

How Soft Can One Launch?
November 15, 2017
Happy Birthday Sunday
January 3, 2018

Oh sorry.  I mean…”My Books Are Coming!  My Books Are Coming!  I am elated to announce that my self publishing partners, Create Space, have just informed me that my large order of Journey To Toddlewood “Dancing for the Win” books are printed and have been shipped!  So in a couple of days, Federal Express will be arriving at the Toddlewood Studio with a couple of large boxes of books with my name on them.  What???  While my excitement is immense, my anxiety is even bigger.  I need to get these books into kids’ hand everywhere.  Can I do it?  I’ve coined myself as the queen of #makeithappen so I better do just that.  There’s only so many times, Sunday, Skylar and their friends can read the same book.  Oh and let’s not forget poor Mr. Fantastic who I make re-read it as often as possible.  He just may get on the Toddlewood bus just to get away from me.

Well, for all my school administrators and especially principals and AP’s of elementary schools, please email your school name to

We are also touring multiple Barnes & Noble stores of readings and signings.  See you soon!


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