One of my biggest dreams is to direct a movie.  Yes, I said it, I want to direct for the silver screen.  I have a degree in TV and Film production, which probably means absolutely nothing now that technology changes every week.  The good news is that I’ve been keeping up with all these crazy tech guys who are always creating the “next best thing.”  So before I become the next A-list director (I’ll even take J-list) I’m using my creativity to produce and direct smaller projects like music videos, web commercials and special projects for different folks.

My most recent project was a video promoting one of the biggest grass roots basketball tournaments, FAB48.  This was indeed a challenge because I enlisted kid talent.  Some kids came through and others didn’t.  The key is to keep your cool, never let them see you sweat and don’t lose your temper…even though your clients are sitting right there with the check book.  UGH!

During this shoot I was able to get both Sunday and Skylar involved.  My goal is to give them the most dynamic experiences in life.  Skylar was one of my production assistants and Sunday actually has an on-camera roll, which I sprung on her on the day of the shoot.  Needless to say she was not happy about the pressure.  Sorry babes.  I forgot to tell you.  Well she came through anyway.  She had to learn a specific, but easy, Patti cake routine to perform with the main character.  OMG.  The concentration on her face was unreal.  Intense.  

Skylar, on the other hand, was making a list of all the approved takes.  Each time we shot a scene, we would need to have at least 5-10 takes of the same scene before we could move one.  So she would mark the ones that I liked the most.  Sky was also in charge of writing and calling out the shots with the clapboard.  My baby and her friend, Jazzy, were lifesavers.

Fast forward 10 hours later, a drone, three four locations, numerous kids, 90 degree weather and a headache that just wouldn’t quit…that’s a wrap!…for now anyway, I’m working on a small Toddlewood project that I’m hoping goes viral.  Check it out when I post a blog called “Who are we going to see?”  


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