Vegas has a sweet tooth.  It seems last year when we were on our annual Las Vegas trip, my husband took the girls shopping one day while I was at work and Sunday stumbled upon a new best friend.  This BFF was a store called “It’s Sugar.”  This year, all she kept asking for was to visit Town Square.  

Town Square is a fabulous outdoor shopping center adorned with beautiful palm trees, every store you can think of and some of the most amazing architecture.  I absolutely love it there so of course I was more than happy to take a trip to Town Square.  Little did I know that Sunday had no interest in any store except “It’s Sugar!”  What the…?

Well, I promised, so here we go.  This store, while fabulously laid out and every kids’ dream is also every Mom and every Dentist’s nightmare.  Wall to wall candy, sugar, gum, liquids, you name it, they had it.  Talk about a kid in a candy store.  Literally a kid in a candy store.  

Can you believe they even had a “sugary” drink that looked like and was called “Urine?”  I’m sorry…what?  

And Bugs!

And of course, they may not be sugar but I think I’ve had enough of stepping on these tiny dolls all over my house, the “LOL Dolls.”  No, I’m NOT Laughing Out Loud. 

Go ahead Sunday, fill up that bag all you want.

You won’t be eating a quarter of that stuff.  While this spot may not have the Mom’s seal of approval, it is indeed a great adventure for kids who earned a fun treat. Oh, did I mention that as soon as we got back, Sunday paid a special visit to a special doctor friend.  Sorry babes!

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