The first questions always…”How do YOU define Mini-Mogul?”  Well for me that’s easy.  It’s not as obvious as you may think and there’s a lot of back story to the term that I use quite often.  You see, my Tricia Messeroux dictionary defines “Mini-Moguls” as such:

: a young person who is on his or her way to greatness
: Kid or kids under the adult age of 18 who are actively seeking his or her dream which in turn will provide them one or all of the following
  – Early Financial Freedom/Stability
  – A dream fulfilled
  – Happiness in accomplishing a long term goal at an early age…albeit stardom, career aspirations, entrepreneurship or philanthropy to name a few

All this to say that I don’t see a Mini-Mogul as being simply a child who is making money.  In the world we live in, of course financial freedom is one of the ultimate goals in life and most of these kids’ “dreams” do indeed lead to that.  Win Win.

As a graduate of Hofstra University with a B.A. in Communications (TV & Film) and a minor in “Marketing, I knew the first thing I had to do upon graduation was…drum roll please…GET A JOB!  And that’s just what I did.  Ugh.  Yes ugh.  I didn’t find out until years later that I had so much creativity in my entire body that was being stifled by “the boss.”  So now I have a question to ask you…….

Nope, it’s not Tony Danza or Judith Light.  It’s meeeeeeeee.  Well as of the past seven month I met two new bosses.
Many you already know my girls, Skylar (13) and Sunday (7 going on 27).  Being offsprings of a serial entrepreneur, me, and the most support co-pilot, my husband, they were talking about owning their own business when Skylar was 8 and Sunday was only 3.  First they owned a spa and the family had to pay them for “Hand Massages”. I think I still have a pound of lotion under my fingernails from that experience.  

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