So , I’ve been sooo busy putting this all together that I just can’t put together a creative post.  Why?  I’m freaking EXHAUSTED!!!!  So here is the press release that my friend, Maggie, put together for me.  But I will say that I am so extremely proud of my amazing team, my models, their parents and my family.  

First, my design team.  This year I was blessed to meet an amazing lady who is major at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology), Deborah Payton-Jones.  She got me three designers who were ready to roll up their sleeves and continue the Toddlewood legacy.  They were lead by FIT alum, Andrea Pitter, who is not only the veteran Toddlewood designer for many years but she is also my friend for life.  As she continues to build her incredible bridal brand, Pantora Inc. and she is due to give birth to my “nephew”, she has never swayed from my brand.  

I’m always blessed to have my BFF, Sandy Brereton, who I’m not going to say much about her because I’ll be here all day except for the fact that she’s my Gayle King”…get it…:). No I’m not saying I think I’m Oprah…well a girl can dream:)

Yes, this is a love fest…my sister in law, Meka, made her way back to Toddlewood this year.  She never left but her job got in the way…the nerve.  My boo who alway checks to make sure I’m eating, sleeping, laughing and that I have my glass of wine, Gwendolyn.  She’s always looking to be the silent helper but to me her actions are loud.

My husband and my girls are always so supportive.  Nowadays it’s become such a part of our lives that it’s like just another holiday in our house. Go with the flow.

My models!  They give me life!  If there’s one thing I love about what I do is meeting new children, laughing with them and getting Miss Tricia hugs and high fives all day.  You should be me for a Toddlewood day!  It’s awesome.  

See you in a couple of weeks for the Grammy Awards.  In the meantime, go to the homepage and order your Journey To Toddlewood BOOK.  I’ll sign them before sending them out!

xoxo, Miss Tricia


Tricia Messeroux, along with her Toddlewood® Dream Team will produce another series of award season celebrity-to-child transformations – recreating some of the most memorable red carpet looks and moments from The Golden Globes, the Grammy Awards and The Oscars with TODDLERS.  

The Golden Globes took place on January 7th.  Hollywood’s finest were instructed to wear all black this year in support of women’s equality and the fight against sexual harassment.  Tricia and her team is ready for their New York-based photo shoot recreating 8 of Tricia’s favorite red carpet looks from the Golden Globes in all black just 3 days later on January 10th.  This movement is near and dear to many of the moms of Tricia’s young models which is why she was determined to make it happen.  “It’s imperative to take a stand for something and having two daughters of my own makes this movement a crucial one.  While the kids may not know the meaning of their black fabulous attire, they will eventually know that they were a part of history.” 

Next up is the Grammy Awards on January 28th and the Toddlewood® team will be ready to create their magic on January 31st.  Toddlewood will enjoy some creative downtime before taking on the Superbowl of the award season, The Academy Awards, which takes place in early March this year to avoid conflicting with the 2018 Winter Olympics.  Tricia and Team Toddlewood will head to Los Angeles to recreate Oscars red carpet magic with kids on the west coast.  

With each transformation, Tricia and her Toddlewood® team are met with long, sleepless days and nights to cast the budding young stars, design the wardrobes, create the set design and props.  This year the Toddlewood® team has partnered with the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), offering student designers the opportunity to recreate the red carpet wardrobe looks, one of which took third place in Project Runway Juniors.  The students will be managed by Toddlewood’s veteran designer and FIT graduate Andrea Pitter of Pantora Inc.

Every year celebrities express their love and excitement for Toddlewood on social media, Instagram, Twitter and a select few TV interviews.  Toddlewood has also been mentioned by Kevin Hart, Taraji P. Henson, Halle Berry, Adele, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez just to name a few.  See the finished images and stay connected with the team on Instagram – @toddlewood


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