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Tricia Messeroux –  A kid at heart, creative by nature, and a lover of all things visual, Tricia Messeroux takes her photography very seriously. She takes on creative challenges and enjoys doing things differently. She wants her work to stand out. From a creative pose to smart set designs or even a big idea like ToddleWood, Tricia offers more!

“I love to pick up the camera and freeze a moment in time, make a memory last forever or in the case of Toddlewood – recreate a moment.”

About Toddlewood® ToddleWood®, Toddlers in Hollywood, the brainchild of this New York photographer Tricia Messeroux, transforms everyday kids into superstar celebrities, iconic figures and historic legends…all captured in breathtaking photographs. As Creative Director and Senior Photographer of Big Eye Photography, Tricia leads a dynamic team of talented costume designers, gifted hair & makeup artists and a diligent production crew – all of whom play an important role in bringing these photographs to life. Celebrity looks range from young to old and classic to contemporary. Over 100 celebrities are depicted in Toddlewood’s® diverse portfolio including President Barack Obama & First Lady, Michelle Obama, Josephine Baker, Marilyn Monroe, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Audrey Hepburn, P. Diddy, J Lo, Destiny’s Child and so many others! Toddlewood began in 2008 with a simple yet unique idea and has now grown to be an international brand. Toddlewood receives continuous calls from Dublin, Australia, London, Columbia, Japan, China, Mexico just to name a few. Tricia and Toddlewood’s media exposure has been and continues to be of the top A-list media outlets in Television, On-line, Magazine ad Newpapers. Toddlewood is becoming a household name! This brand is the one to follow.



Because I love fashion, I love photography and I love kids.  What better way to get everything I love than to Make It Happen Toddlewood-style!

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