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Tricia (TMezz) Messeroux

ToddleWood®, the brainchild of this New York photographer, Tricia Messeroux, transforms everyday kids into superstar celebrities, iconic figures and historic legends…all captured in breathtaking photographs.  Tricia and her family are an entertaining tight knit family who loves to share their daily shenanigan as the First Family of Toddlewood. 

Stay connected to get to know how Tricia is able to balance being a Wife, Mom, Friend, Serial Entrepreneur, a Photographer for MANY all while building the Toddlewood Empire. 

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EqualityThe Toddlewood ``Engineers of Equality`` Project

Toddlewood’s “Engineers of Equality” Project

Please join Team Toddlewood as we join the fight for social justice and equality the way we know how- through art, photography and our beautiful CHILDREN!  Tricia Messeroux, along with her Toddlewood® Dream Team have been producing series of award season transformations – recreating over 200 of some of the most memorable red carpet looks and moments from The Golden Globes, the Grammy Awards and The Oscars with TODDLERS along with iconic political and inspirational leaders. This summer Toddlewood® will produce a timely high-profile project namely, The Toddlewood “Engineers of Equality” Project.  

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ToddlewoodToddlewood Favorite Photos of the Month

This shoot was extremely challenging because there’s so much chisel in Malefiscent’s face that I had to duplicate.  The young girl who got the part to do this shoot had the most amazing features so that helped a lot.  One of my faves!

The post production on this movie poster was like do other.  I had to get help from my favorite photo editor.  I love the way it came out.  Into The Woods

This cutie flew all the way from Detroit to New York for this photo shoot.  That face is everything.  And the “dress” well it was my most painful arts and crafts projects ever.  Micheal’s crafts store to the rescue!  Rhianna at the Met Gala 2017

BooksJourney To Toddlewood Books

Toddlewood is a land where “Red Carpet Dreams Come True” The Journey To Toddlewood Book Series is designed to excite and empower kids everywhere to Dream Big and Make Big Things Happen NOW. In this series of books you will love each character and his or her talent. But most importantly you’ll see what obstacles each of them have to work through in order to get to their dreams fulfilled.


Meet Taylor! An extraordinary dancer who just learned that she got a ticket to Toddlewood. While Taylor and her family are so excited about the opportunity, her best friends don’t seem to be as excited or supportive. Will Taylor get on the famous bus and leave her friends or will she stay to make her BFF’s happy?

Tina is an incredible singer who finally gets the chance to audition for a ticket on the Make It Happen Tour Bus heading for Toddlewood. But before she can get on the bus she has to deal with a situation that most kids go through when success is only a few steps away. How will Tina handle it? Will she do the right thing? Will she make it to Toddlewood?

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